Tabii Just, Caravan Stylist Studio & BF+DA at NYFW Pop Up Atelier

Tabii Just and Caravan Stylist Studio have partnered for a zero waste capsule collection to be debuted during fashion week February 10-11, 11 am-5 pm at The Gregory Hotel. The format aims to turn the concept of New York Fashion Week on its head.

Known for its glamorous end results that give consumers the impression that fashion is all fun, New York Fashion Week is in stark contrast to the realities of garment production. For this fashion week, Tabitha St. Bernard-Jacobs (designer of Tabii Just) and Claudine DeSola (founder of Caravan Stylist Studio) partnered to create a pop-up atelier at the Gregory Hotel in Manhattan.

Other collaborations between Claudine and Tabitha have been for custom outfits for Danielle Brooks of Orange Is The New Black and The Color Purple.

Sewers from the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator who usually produce Tabii Just clothing, will be on site to manufacture dresses for the public. Guests can pick a print, choose a design, purchase it and have it made right before their eyes. Guests will be able to see the cutting, sewing and finishing parts of the process, all while sipping delicious drinks and noshing on bites.

“For so long we’ve outsourced how to do produce in New York City. Now we are trying to recreate the past but with 21st century thinking which includes sustainable design systems. We think we can put not just the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator but Brooklyn on the map as the place where it all began,” says Tara St. James, Production Director at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator.

Brother provided the machines to be used and will be giving away one machine during the event to a lucky guest. NYC Fashion Made partnered for the project to bring an educational component to the process. A video of the process of making a simple silk Zero Waste dress will be documented and made available to the public after Fashion Week to help those wanting to develop their sewing skills.

“To ensure the lasting nature of this educational process, the individual manufacturing steps will be filmed so that a digital archive remains for those who wish to learn the same skills in the future,” says Anthony Lilore of NYC Fashion Made.

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