In 2014, Pratt Institute started an ambitious experiment called the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator (BF+DA). The goal was to create a hub for ethical fashion and design that provided emerging design entrepreneurs, creative technologists and industry professionals with the resources needed to transform their ideas into successful, triple bottom line businesses. Meet the remarkable community of people who were part of the BF+DA here.

The BF+DA services included sustainable strategies consulting, materials sourcing, small-run apparel production, cut and sew and computerized knitting and digital fabrication. It also became known for producing a wide range of public events, exhibitions, programs and workshops.

The BF+DA was also an innovation hub for the research and development of smart garments and functional textiles and exploring the digitization of apparel manufacturing. Over two years, the TEK-TILES project brought together over 40 “masterminds” to build new businesses, develop wearable, connected products and create a library of innovative textiles and garments that integrated technology while considering health and well-being and sustainable supply chains

Over the course of 5 years, the BF+DA is proud to have welcomed over 31,000 visitors who came specifically to learn about sustainability, technology and social entrepreneurship. The BF+DA has been internationally recognized for its leadership and excellence in programming.

The BF+DA team is moving forward and will continue to work on the vision started five years ago – to put sustainable strategies into practice and use technology responsibly. Stay in touch by signing up for our newsletter below and learn what we’re doing here.