The TEK-TILES project is focused on developing ideas for embedding and manufacturing technology into fabrics.

This ongoing project has brought together a diverse R&D team to investigate advanced manufacturing methods for integrating technology into apparel production. Each TEK-TILE demonstrates a unique functional property, has been evaluated for specific manufacturing constraints and is assessed for its environmental impact.

The inaugural design sprint yielded 20 TEK-TILES focused on solution-finding using computerized knitting including knit switches, potentiometers, bio-data generation, gesture-sensing, optical structures and the creation of new yarns.

tektiles AR pattern tracking
tektiles articulate
tektiles cordillera
tektiles gesture sensing
tektiles id pattern
tektiles insulated tubing
tektiles LED pocket grid
tektiles origami copy
tektiles pointelle light seeds
tektiles soft to hard
tektiles thermochromatic yarn
tektiles thermovariable
tektiles troke switch
tektiles zipometer copy

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Tek-Tile Projects