Resource Library

Our Sustainable Resource Library provides designers with a comprehensive place to better understand the impacts of the textiles and fibers they use.


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Visitors to the s.LAB can learn how over 30 different fibers are made, manufactured and used, and the environmental and social impact of each of those fibers. Additionally, we have an extensive collection of sustainable textile swatches and examples of innovation and technology within the apparel industry. We can help designers source the best materials for their work via our consulting services.

Our Textile Tuesdays series invites sustainable textile mills, suppliers or representatives to show their new collections to our community of designers in order to expose them to new developments in the textile or fiber world. Suppliers bring swatches, yarns or raw fiber along with a presentation on the production process and supply chain for their mill.

We use the presentation as an opportunity not only to showcase new technologies in materials but also to answer questions about supply chain, sustainability, and textile development.