Our knitting services are changing. Please contact for more information about the following services:

Full-Service Sample Room & Production Facility

The Knitwear division of the p.LAB is a sample development studio and no-minimum apparel manufacturing factory equipped with the latest technology in machine knitting. Created for new designers and established brands, our one-stop full-package sample and apparel production service provides development in knitwear for menswear, womenswear, and accessories. We offer start to finish service from pattern, grading, finishing, sampling, and small-run production.

To become a client, first read the Services and FAQs below and then contact knitwear.

Also see our consulting services in the Sustainability Lab (s.LAB) for one-on-one guidance for sustainable sourcing, supply chains, and production even if you don’t produce in our p.LAB.


Technical Package Development

A tech pack is an informative sheet that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a product. A well-developed tech pack is a crucial step in communicating your design to any sample development team. This includes sketches, measurements, grading, yarn quality/count, gauge, stitch, colors, trim finishes, hardware, labels, tags, etc. We can help you develop a tech pack that will be clear and comprehensive, or you can download our template to create your own tech pack template.

Pattern Services

Pattern making is the primary preparation for creating a knitted garment. We follow the traditional pattern making techniques of flat patterning onto graph or dotted paper during product development and keep a pattern library for each prototype as adjustments are made. Using these techniques gives us the ability to achieve more customizable and accurate results based on your design requests, yarn characteristics and construction details.

Swatch and Sample Development

From sketch to finished sample, our experienced team will guide you through all the technical requirements of building a garment and transforming your concept into a first sample that is showroom/runway ready. We will work from sketches, tears, or original garments. We collaborate with designers to develop the appropriate structure and construction.


After we develop the first pattern, we make a prototype with sample yarn and provide comments on fit. Our in-house technical specialist and sampling team will be present to provide fit guidance. We correct the first prototype after fitting based on designers’ needs.


Pattern grading decides how patterns increase or decrease in size. We provide grading using Shima Seiki’s latest computer software SDS-ONE APEX3 and maintain a digital library of your styles.

Fully Fashioned & Wholegarment Knitwear

With the latest technology in computerized knitting, we have the ability to develop knit garments ranging from chunky to superfine gauges on either fully fashioned and/or wholegarment machines from Shima Seiki. In addition, we can create jacquard & intarsia patterns, 3D knit garments, cables, and any other knit stitch you can imagine. Our knit production manager will work closely with you to develop swatches, stitch structure patterns and samples.

Small-Scale Production (1-50 pcs)

Finding a facility in NYC that can produce small orders for affordable prices is difficult for most emerging designers who haven’t navigated the production landscape for very long. Our production room is focused on affordable small run production using the newest in manufacturing technology and production methods. Fill out our short questionnaire to figure out if our facility is right for you.

Classes & Workshops

Sharing knowledge and providing education for the fashion industry is very important to us. Learning about how garments are made in the US provides consumer awareness that can lead to technical education and job training. To learn more, join us for classes, events and tours.


What is Computerized Flat Knitting?

Computerized Flat Knitting is an industrial knitting machine run by a computer program. In the knitting industry, a “Flat” or V-Bed knitting machine consists of 2 flat needle beds arranged in an upside-down “V” formation. A programmed carriage, moves backwards and forwards across these needle beds, working the needles to selectively knit, tuck or transfer stitches.

What is SDS-ONE APEX3 for Flat Knitting?

Shima Seiki’s SDS-ONE APEX3 is a design software that can be used to design flat knitting pattern structures, intarsia and jacquard. The software can perform realistic simulation of yarn such as mohair yarn, slub yarn and shiny yarn, taking into account plating, number of thread take-ups and counts. It also improves production efficiency with a database of 1,000+ structure patterns.

What types of knitting machines does the BF+DA have?

Shima Seiki’s SSR112 (Fully Fashioned/Shaped Knitwear)  and Mach2x (Wholegarment).

What is Fully Fashioned/Shaped Knitwear?

Knitting to a shape that is engineered to size. It is easily identifiable by the fashioning marks, which normally run parallel to the garment seams.

What is Wholegarment knitting?

Shima Seiki Mach2x produces three-dimensional garments in one entire piece and requires no fur­ther construction pro­cess to finish it.

What are the benefits to Wholegarment knitting?

  • No link­ing required
  • No bulky shoulder or side seam
  • Reduced time and labor cost
  • Pattern structure can continue to knit into back body without seams interfering
  • No waste

What machine gauges does the BF+DA have?

Shima Seiki’s SSR112 (Fully Fashioned/Shaped Knitwear)

  • Wide Gauge – Multiple range of knitting gauges on a single machine – 5gg, 7gg, 9gg

Mach2x (Wholegarment)

  • Wholegarment in a 15gg

Do I need a background in knitwear to sample with the BF+DA?

No. Sharing knowledge and providing education for the fashion industry is very important to us.