The t.LAB is a research and development center for advancing the manufacturing of responsible smart garments and functional textiles.

New materials can capture biometric data, deliver active ingredients, react to changes in the environment, and turn textiles into interactive surfaces. These innovative materials have incredible potential to transform the function of fabrics and make our lives healthier, safer and more productive. The BF+DA is committed to design and manufacturing responsible technology in this exciting sector.

The Technology Lab (t.LAB) provides creative technologists workspace and access to our advanced production facilities for the design and manufacturing of smart garments and functional textiles. Our s.LAB and p.LAB experts, in sustainable design and production, work directly with Research Fellows to ensure a well-designed, comfortable product with minimal impacts on the environment. The BF+DA is a proud member of AFFOA (Advanced Functional Fabric of America) linking us to a national network of research institutions, industry and manufacturers committed to advancing the role of the US in this emerging sector.

Hire us to innovate! The t.LAB assembles collaborative teams to work on industry challenges and build new knowledge. Project teams in the t.LAB represent a cross-section of expertise ranging from design, engineering and materials research to UX and interactive design to ethnography, social science and sustainability, selected from Pratt Institute and our partner institutions. Learn more about our partners or check out our latest t.LAB project.

Think local and work with us to test your new material, prototype your idea or design your product! The BF+DA advanced manufacturing p.LAB can knit, weave or embroider a single sample or manufacture a small-run of products for user testing and product validation right here in NYC.

R&D Projects