Friday 5: Five Stories That Changed The Way We Think About Fashion

Every week we put together our Friday 5 -five stories that compel us to read the lead sentence to the last sentence of an article. Here are our top 5 this week:

Leather grown using biotechnology is about to hit the catwalk
“One other advantage of Modern Meadow’s manufacturing process is that it permits different parts of a sheet to be given different properties. That can change both the look and the feel of the product in controlled ways. One area might, for instance, be made stiff while another is made soft. This would allow the newfangled “hides” to be custom-built for particular designs of shoe. The process could also be tweaked, though the company has announced no plans to do so, to expand beyond cow hides, by encoding other types of collagen in the yeast.”

Via The Economist

Fast Fashion’s Surprising Origins

“For a country still divided by class and means, World War II served as a great equalizer. And one of the consequences, according to Summers, was the democratization of fashion. “It had begun to some extent before the war with the mass production of Hollywood and Paris fashion in high-street shops,” she said, ‘but utility made the availability of good-quality fashion clothing much more widespread.’
The clothes were popular not only because they were well-made, and so needed scant replacing, but also because they accommodated even modest budgets.”

Via Racked

Op-Ed | Technology Is Eating Fashion

“If you think you run a fashion business, you’re wrong. A technology business with a fashion focus? Sure. Anything else and you may as well wave the white flag, because the rules of the rag trade are changing. You’re either leading that change, or you’re a sitting duck ready to be picked off by a sharp-shooting tech juggernaut.

Since Amazon first started peddling books online, Jeff Bezos never once saw his company as a retailer. ‘Amazon is a technology company. We just happen to do retail…'”

Via BoF

Levi’s Nabs Oldest Pair of Women’s Jeans for Denim Archive

“Levi Strauss & Co. has snapped up a piece of feminist history, as well as its own, by acquiring what are likely the oldest pair of women’s jeans in existence. Bought and worn in the early Thirties by Viola Longacre, who was then studying to be a teacher at a Fresno, Calif. college and passed away in 2014 aged 100, the jeans are among Levi’s first denim offerings for women in an era when a woman in pants of any kind was atypical.”


The New Fashion Podcast That Will Make You Rethink Your Shopping Habits

“It’s highly likely that this compelling podcast will make you reconsider your approach to clothes and what and how you buy. And if you’re feeling particularly proactive, it ends with a call to action letter, a template to send to your favourite brand to ask them to disclose how many of the workers in their supply chain are covered by collective bargaining agreements. Let’s all join the fashion revolution.”

Via Refinery 29

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