Cut & Sew

Our Cut & Sew services are changing. Please contact for more information about the following services:

The Cut & Sew division of the p.LAB is a sample development studio and small-run apparel manufacturing factory equipped with the latest technology in garment production. Created for new designers and established brands, our one-stop full-package sample and apparel production service provides development in cut & sew knits and wovens for menswear, womenswear and accessories. We offer start to finish service from pattern, grading, sampling and small-run production.

We also offer no-minimum digital print services using a variety of textiles for prototyping (non-permanent) purposes, ideal for testing print color, size scale and movement on a garment. This process uses water-based pigment inks and dyes, with very little waste. To become a client, first read the services and FAQs below and then contact cut-and-sew.

Also see our consulting services in the Sustainability Lab (s.LAB) for one-on-one guidance for sustainable sourcing, supply chains, and production even if you don’t produce in our p.LAB.


Sample Development

From sketch to tech pack to pattern to finished sample, our experienced team will guide you through all the technical requirements of building a garment and transforming your concept into a 1st sample that is showroom/runway ready so you can do business. We will work from sketches, tears, or original garments. We collaborate with designers to develop the appropriate construction.

Technical Package Development

A tech pack is an informative sheet that designers create to communicate with a manufacturer all the necessary components needed to construct a product. A well-developed tech pack is a crucial step in communicating your design to any sample development team. This should include measurements, grading, materials, colors, trim, hardware, labels, tags, etc. We can help you develop a tech pack that will be clear and comprehensive or you can download our template to create your own tech pack template (Templates: Tops – Bottoms).

Pattern Services

Pattern making is the primary preparation for creating a cut & sew garment. Pattern grading decides how patterns increase and decrease in sizes. We offer full pattern digitizing, grading and marking using SDS-ONE APEX3 software. Once the style fit is approved, we provide marking and grading using the latest computer software, and maintain a digital library of your styles.


After we develop the first pattern, we make a sample with muslin and see if it’s perfectly fit to a model or a form. Our in-house patternmaker and sampling team will be present to provide fit guidance. We correct the first pattern after fitting based on designers’ needs.

Cut & Sew Knits and Wovens

The BF+DA p.LAB is equipped for cut & sew knit and woven fabrics in a wide range of weights and finishes from lightweight knits to heavy outerwear fabrics. Contact our production manager with information about your requirements to discuss your needs further.

Small-Scale Production (1-50 pcs)

Finding a facility in NYC that can produce small orders for affordable prices is difficult for most emerging designers who haven’t navigated the production landscape for very long. Our production room is focused on affordable small run production using the newest in manufacturing technology and production methods. Fill out our short questionnaire to figure out if our facility is right for you.

Classes & Workshops

Sharing knowledge and providing education for the fashion industry is very important to us. Learning about how garments are made in the US provides consumer awareness that can lead to technical education and job training. To learn more, join us for classes, events and tours.


What type of garments can you make?

We currently have machines suitable for light and heavyweight wovens, outerwear, denim, cut & sew knits. We can not make swimwear, lingerie or athletic wear.

What machines do you have?

All our sewing machines are made by Juki and we have the following:

  • Straight stitch
  • Heavy duty walking foot
  • Overlock
  • Coverstitch
  • Buttonhole
  • Bartack

How long will it take to get a sample made?

Depending on the complexity of the style and how much development you need (pattern, muslin, first sample, fabric testing) it will take between 2 and 4 weeks to complete a first sample.

What do I need to get started with sample development?

You need a completed tech pack (Templates: Tops – Bottoms) and fabric details in order to start development with us. If you have any questions about creating a tech pack, please take our course on tech pack development or contact our production manager for details.

How much will samples cost?

Sample development and production costs vary greatly depending on the complexity of the style and fabrics. We have created a competitive pricing structure so our designers can afford to create the styles they conceptualize. Contact our production manager to schedule an appointment to review your styles and we can quote you an approximate price at that time.