The BF+DA is committed to providing small scale production services that bridge the gap to scale faced by emerging companies.

The Production Lab (p.LAB) provides NYC designers with the resources they need to go from idea to prototype to production to market. The p.LAB is a digital fabrication service bureau offering a sample development studio and small-run apparel manufacturing facility, equipped with the latest technology in garment production. We specialize in small-scale production with no minimum requirements in both cut-and-sew and knit.

Created for new designers and established brands, our one-stop full-package apparel production service provides development in cut & sew knits and wovens, fully fashioned and wholegarment knitting as well as digitally-printed textiles.

Also see our consulting services in the Sustainability Lab (s.LAB) for one-on-one guidance for sustainable sourcing, supply chains, and production even if you don’t produce in our p.LAB.

P.Lab Crew

Kelly Puertas

From spinning my own yarn to seeing the final product on the runway, I have a deep love and appreciation for the entire life cycle of a knitted garment. I hope to share my passion and knowledge with others to help them transform their designs from sketch to finished product.

With over ten years experience in the fashion industry, I have worn many hats as a manager of sampling and production, senior knitwear tech designer and experienced knitwear designer for men, women and children’s apparel. These experiences helped me achieve complete fluency in sweater construction, yarn composition and stitch structure. At the BF+DA, I analyze and implement design solutions while overseeing the knitwear product development from concept to production. My goal is to educate our designers on cost effective knitting techniques and finishes while maintaining zero waste manufacturing.

  • Knitwear Director, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
  • Knitwear Sample and Production Manager, Stoll FTNY
  • Senior Knitwear Tech Designer, Stoll FTNY
  • Knitwear Designer/Director for RTW, Contemporary, Better and Mass Market
  • Creator, “Foundation of Shaped Knitwear”
  • Mentor, Start-up designers

Tara St James

I believe that sustainability, transparency, collaboration and disruptive innovation are the keys to growth. This conviction has compelled me to share the knowledge I’ve amassed over the years with the next generation.

My belief that the hands that manipulate the materials we use are just as important as the quality and sustainability of those materials is a driving force in my business and personal life. As a fashion designer with over 15 years experience producing both domestically and overseas, I have developed a vast understanding of a variety of production systems and manufacturing techniques. My role as production coordinator and research fellow is to facilitate designers’ experience through sampling and production.

  • Production Coordinator & Research Fellow | Zero Waste Manufacturing, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
  • Founder & Creative Director, Study NY
  • Educator in Sustainable Design Certificate, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Head of Sample Room & New Development, Brooklyn Denim Company
  • Co-Founder & Creative Director, Covet

Maya Blevins

I find myself equally driven by my desire to help designers as I am by a necessity to learn from their processes and practices.

Balance is often something that is lost at the hands of fast fashion. In consideration of the high demands for such an accelerated market, I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity with BF+DA to assist in creating balance in both garment and consumption. My ultimate hope, is that taking the time to work in this way will help re-establish a union between the aesthetic image and creative vision. A union that would enforce the importance of values and move us further towards a sustainable future built on the grounds of transparent community.

  • CADET USA, Patternmaker, Assistant Designer
  • Knickerbocker MFG, Patternmaker, Production Manager

Learn more about our production services here.

Roberto Silva

I am constantly inspired by the shape, structure, and function of different pieces of clothing as much as visual art, architecture, music, and film. I believe all the elements involved in the construction of a garment should be functional and contribute to its aesthetic.

Formally trained as a Fashion Designer, I started my career with a small label named AYOR (1994-2000), which evolved from a “casual, club scene, and pop art inspired” to a “minimalist, classically tailored shapes” brand with attention to functional details. I have collaborated in other areas of creativity, such as set design and set dressing for commercials, visual merchandising for fashion brands, and theatrical costume design and alteration.

At the BF+DA, I work as a sample sewer, occasional cutter, and most recently on small runs of garment production. I love sewing and being part of the creative process as the person who is going to help translate a designer’s vision into clothing. The everyday work has inspired me to go back to fashion with a small collection of one of a kind garments that speak of my fashion inspirations and approach to design.

  • Visual Merchandising and In-store Design for different Fashion Brands
  • 5TH FLOOR STUDIOS/ NEW YORK. Alteration Specialist and Costume Design Assistant.
  • BROOKLYN DENIM COMPANY. Alteration Specialist/ Tailor.

Zoe Hochman

Production Sewer

Logan Blagg

Production Sewer

Kristen Faber

Junior Knitwear Programmer

P.Lab Interns

Marie Vinter

Estonian Academy of Arts