The BF+DA p.LAB is closing its doors but services are still available for the following:

The p.LAB offers access to high-tech, digital fabrication services from sample development to small-run apparel production to body scanning to 3D printing. Our facility is equipped with the latest technology for industrial production methods. We specialize in small-scale quantities with no minimum requirements for services that include cut-and-sewknit, technical embroidery, digitized pattern cutting, body scanning, 3D printing and laser cutting. We provide designers and creative technologists with high-quality traditional production as well as access to cutting edge, digital services for soft systems that are changing the industry.

Created for new designers and established brands, our one-stop, full-package product development and production services include cut & sew, knits and wovens, fully fashioned and whole garment knitting as well as digitally-printed textiles and embroidered embellishments.

The p.LAB also supports the development of smart garments and wearables developed on industrial machines that allow for design for manufacturing solutions that scale.

P.Lab Crew

Kelly Puertas

From spinning my own yarn to seeing the final product on the runway, I have a deep love and appreciation for the entire life cycle of a knitted garment. I hope to share my passion and knowledge with others to help them transform their designs from sketch to finished product.

With over ten years experience in the fashion industry, I have worn many hats as a manager of sampling and production, senior knitwear tech designer and experienced knitwear designer for men, women and children’s apparel. These experiences helped me achieve complete fluency in sweater construction, yarn composition and stitch structure. At the BF+DA, I analyze and implement design solutions while overseeing the knitwear product development from concept to production. My goal is to educate our designers on cost effective knitting techniques and finishes while maintaining zero waste manufacturing.

  • Knitwear Director, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
  • Knitwear Sample and Production Manager, Stoll FTNY
  • Senior Knitwear Tech Designer, Stoll FTNY
  • Knitwear Designer/Director for RTW, Contemporary, Better and Mass Market
  • Creator, “Foundation of Shaped Knitwear”
  • Mentor, Start-up designers

Tara St James

Speaking: Ethical Fashion, Circular Design Thinking & Sustainable Textiles

Research & Development: Textile Sourcing & Manufacturing

Facilitation: Design for Sustainable Manufacturing Workshop

Leading: Circular Design Thinking & Sustainable Textile Research

I believe the people who manipulate the materials we use are just as important as the quality and sustainability of those materials. That has been a driving force in my business and personal life. As a fashion designer with over 20 years experience producing both domestically and overseas, I have developed a vast understanding of a variety of production systems and manufacturing techniques. My role as production coordinator and research fellow at the BF+DA was to facilitate designers’ experience through sampling and production, sourcing better materials and understanding their role in the larger system. This experience has provoke me to launch the Re:Source Library, a sustainable textile library, sourcing service and consultancy located in Manhattan’s garment district.

  • Founder, Re:Source Library
  • Production Coordinator & Research Fellow | Zero Waste Manufacturing, Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator
  • Founder & Creative Director, Study NY
  • Educator in Sustainable Design Certificate, Fashion Institute of Technology
  • Head of Sample Room & New Development, Brooklyn Denim Company
  • Co-Founder & Creative Director, Covet

Contact Tara here.

Maya Blevins

I find myself equally driven by my desire to help designers as I am by a necessity to learn from their processes and practices.

Balance is often something that is lost at the hands of fast fashion. In consideration of the high demands for such an accelerated market, I feel grateful to have been given the opportunity with BF+DA to assist in creating balance in both garment and consumption. My ultimate hope, is that taking the time to work in this way will help re-establish a union between the aesthetic image and creative vision. A union that would enforce the importance of values and move us further towards a sustainable future built on the grounds of transparent community.

  • CADET USA, Patternmaker, Assistant Designer
  • Knickerbocker MFG, Patternmaker, Production Manager

Learn more about our production services here.

Roberto Silva

Former BF+DA Senior Sample Maker and Sewer

Areas of Expertise:

Garment Construction: Strong technical knowledge of garment construction, patterns, specifications sheets,
sewing techniques, silhouettes, trims, fabrications, and fit.

Advanced sewing skills with all type of fabrics, both by hand and utilizing straight-stitch, overlock and cover-stitch sewing machines to support the construction of the garment.

Extensive experience working with pattern makers to develop and correct patterns based on fabric selection and garment construction demands.

As Head Sample Maker at the BF+DA, my responsibilities included cutting, sewing and hand finishing clothing samples for various designers from fitting/1st sample, sales samples, and sewing of small production runs. In addition, I worked closely with the pattern-maker to make adjustments that would ensure better and easier construction of the garment.

As a tailor at Brooklyn Denim Company I created samples for the main collection and various designers that have hired the company for sample construction and small production. This included pattern correction, cutting, sewing and hand finishing. I also supported the sales staff with the
execution of basic alterations for jeans, pants, tops and outerwear.

To consult on your next project, contact Roberto Silva at 646 334-0603 410 or email

Zoe Hochman

Production Sewer

Logan Blagg

Former BF+DA Sample & Production Sewer

Areas of expertise:

Sewing: Samples or Small run productions (>20) of following:

Shirts, dresses, tote bags, napkins

*Anything involving straight stitch machine

Custom Design: One of a kind, custom pieces created in majority scrap fabric/materials and appropriate sizing based on existing silhouettes. See

Sewing Instructor: Currently teaching children how to sew, but want to share the skill with others who love the art and want to enhance their experience

I consider eco-friendly fashion to be the only fashion. I strongly believe in environmental/ethical responsibility, and I am passionate about furthering/spreading my knowledge in these fields.

These values led me to the BF+DA as a Sample/ Production Sewer, where I gathered more information on construction, zero-waste techniques, and other nuances of production.

My mission moving forward is to dress like-minded souls without contributing to the waste of the industry AND to help other designers who have this same dream.

  • Sample & Production Sewer, BF+DA
  • Design Instructor, Children’s After-school Program
  • Design Volunteer, Road2Argentina
  • Assistant Manager/Alterations Specialist, Straight Grain Studio

Contact Logan here. 


Kristen Faber

Junior Knitwear Programmer

Samanta Cortes

Former BF+DA Technical Embroidery Specialist

Speaking: Creative Smart Designing + Sustainable Manufacturing

Research And Development: Textile Design and Manufacturing in Embellishment and Embroidery Industries

Facilitation: Creative vision on innovative smart design

With over 20 years experience in the NYC Garment Center and as Founder, Executive Director of Save the Garment Center, I enjoy  consulting for the composite, home furnishings and apparel industries through my extensive work with the NYC Garment Center as well as an embroidery textile designer. While working with couture to mid-sized companies, I also have a long-standing history helping brands design with a price point that feels comfortable for them. I am committed to bringing manufacturing back to the USA, and continue to work locally and internationally to raise awareness of the importance of domestic manufacturing as it relates to local economic development.

I am also developing an educational venture focused on training to students open to working with new industrial equipment with a focus on domestic manufacturing.

  • BF+DA t.LAB – Technical Embroidery Specialist
  • Co-host Material is your Business MouthMedia Podcast
  • Founder, Fashion Design Concepts
  • Founder,
  • President, Fashion News Workshop
  • Board member, Color Association of the US
  • Creative Consultant, Schmatta; Rag to Riches to Rags, an HBO Documentary.

For staff education on manufacturing contact Samanta at

Karyn Lao

Knitwear Apprentice