Algorithms Are Set to Replace Designers in the Fashion Industry

Quartz’s Marc Bain writes in “Amazon has an algorithm that designs clothes by replicating human creativity,
that MIT has created an AI technique called “generative adversarial network (GAN), originally developed by a Google researcher.

“At its core, Amazon’s goal is to remove as much friction as possible from a customer finding what they want, ordering it, and having it land on their doorstep. Its ambitions started with books, but have since extended to just about every other category, including clothes. While it works to achieve a frictionless future in fashion, the company is testing a way to design new clothes without human designers.”

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One might wonder where that lands designers in the grand scheme of the fashion industry, how dumbed down design might become in terms of channeling anything new from a creative (human) source. There are also arguments that when we just get what we want based on the intelligence of computers, we have less waste which could be a major step for the industry.

But with computers hosting “deep neural networks” that can look at examples of existing fashion, and then “go back and forth with each other, like a designer-critic team, to create something new that matches certain criteria…from past human creativity in fashion and, in a sense, replicates it,” how can we ever create something new?

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