‘Space Between’ a Zero Waste Fashion Model Connecting Local Production & Waste

space between1

Space Between is a new business model for zero waste fashion design connecting local production methods with local waste. Developed by Massey University’s School of Design, New Zealand, Space Between addresses sustainability issues such as resource depletion, consumption and production by connecting university research and external partners.

The project is also pushing Massery University students (both pre and post graduation), to address issues of waste in the fashion industry while developing their very own entrepreneurial style and capabilities.


Can reframing consumerism for a new form of green fashion entrepreneurialism guide the way to sustaining environmental and social goals? Jennifer Whitty and Holly McQuillan hope so.

What we found is that many external partners lack the time to deal effectively with some of the big issues facing them and so in this case, take the easy route, discarding massive volumes of textile waste to landfill. They know it’s an issue and want to do something but perhaps feel it’s both too complex a problem, and not their core business. We hope that we can show ways of dealing with this waste stream, and in doing so inspiring other businesses to explore similar avenues,” says McQuillan.


Currently, Whitty and McQuillan  have worked with their teams to create a Fundamentals range, designing with waste from New Zealand Post uniforms and other waste material made locally. There are also Limited Edition collections designed by students, recent graduates and fashion researchers, and a small selection of the MakeUse collection that will be on sale in The Keep, a store in Auckland on July 11, 2015.

“Fashion is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression. Yet the current system has driven a wedge between designers and users as they are trapped on a treadmill of continuous product replenishment and accelerated changing fashion cycles. We want to create more meaningful engagement with fashion that slows down this downward cycle and raises the value of fashion in our everyday lives,” reads the Space Between home page.

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Fundamentals Range – Space Between from Space Between on Vimeo.