Positive Impact Awards: Caroline Kaufman, Pratt Young Entrepreneurs Award

caroline kaufman

This year, to celebrate the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator’s first year in operation, we want to acknowledge some of the individuals who have been alongside us, have inspired us and are part of the journey forward. To that end we are launching the first annual Pratt Institute/BF+DA Positive Impact Awards.

Junior Venture Fellow Caroline Kaufman: Founder of Caroline Kaufman is being awarded  the Pratt Young Entrepreneurs Award.

We asked Caroline, as a young designer, how has sustainability already factored into her work and how would she suggest fashion schools better prepare students for the real fashion world?

“All of Caroline Kaufman is made right here in Brooklyn New York. It is so important to me that every hand affiliated with my business is treated with respect, and is being compensated fairly. As my brand grows, I want to implement the most socially and environmentally responsible practices I can, without ever compromising on good design. I may not be producing giant quantities or employing a whole factory of skilled craftsmen, but perhaps one day I will be. Every brand was small at one time. During this developmental time as a young designer, it’s crucial to make smart sustainable decisions that carry you forward.

Fashion school made me more driven, and helped develop a stronger work ethic than I ever thought possible. What nobody ever tells you is that there are so many different paths you can take in a fashion design career. I was lucky enough to take a business class my senior year but I was never taught how to hone in on social media, make a website, or hustle for collaborations. I guess you can never prepare a student completely for the real world before the time comes to enter it; however, I think fashion schools could be a little bit more open minded at all the non-traditional paths and roads one can take to becoming a designer. There isn’t just one path. Invent your own.”

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