The Wall Street Journal Explores Fashion’s Fair-Weather Supply Chain

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The Wall Street Journal writes:

“Even the biggest global brands face holdups in their supply chains due to bad weather, labor unrest and other unanticipated events happening halfway around the world. For fashion labels, the stakes are particularly high for on-time delivery because in this industry timing is everything. Missing even one weekend in stores—if a new line of sweaters or jackets miss the first cold snap of the year, for example—can hit the bottom line in a big way.

The risks are growing because fashion supply chains have become increasingly global and complex, said Tara St James, coordinator of development and manufacturing at Pratt Institute’s Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator. These days, materials and labor can be sourced “literally everywhere” in the world, Ms. St James said. U.S. apparel imports grew 9.5% in the first eight months of this year, according to the Commerce Department.”

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