Andrew Bolton, The Met’s Costume Institute Curator Embraces Future Fashion

the met interview

(Image: Fashion Redef)

In a Fashion Redef original interview, Adam Wray talks with Andrew Bolton, the Met’s Costume Institute curator on the future of fashion. Bolton reflects on “Manus x Machina: Fashion in an Age of Technology,” the future of manufacturing, fashion’s lack of originality, and the changing nature of creativity.

“I think we’re becoming more aware of quality. I think people are now more appreciative of the impact of a machine rather than just the hand or vice-versa in terms of quality. There’s often been a fear around technology. I’ve always wanted to do a show on fear and clothing, and a part of that would focus on people’s reactions to new technology.

The way that fashion often embraces technology is very practical. When it comes to 3d printing, we’re not quite there yet in terms of the impact on fashion. I think it could be as revolutionary as the sewing machine eventually. It could democratize fashion. You could have a 3d printer in your home and it could actually print a skirt or jacket for you. It’s the ultimate form of couture but it’s not there yet in terms of technology.” -Andrew Bolton

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