NYC Fashion M.A.D.E. Awards the BF+DA a Knitwear Grant

nyc fashion made

A big thanks to a new NYC initiative, NYC Fashion M.A.D.E. (Manufacturers Alliance of Design Educators) which supports programs that provide hands-on training to advance the manufacturing capacities in the fashion industries. By mentoring the next generation in manufacturing techniques that have been refined over generations, New York City will remain competitive in the global design community.

NYC Fashion M.A.D.E. recently awarded the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator a grant for knitwear apprenticeship training. Kelly Puertas, Knitwear Director at the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator says the money comes at a perfect time: “In September, one of our apprentices will be the first to complete the apprenticeship program. It’s the generosity and support from an organization such as MADE that helps sustain and keep our BF+DA workforce training program alive.

Erica Wolf, co-founder of the new initiative says: “NYC Fashion MADE is thrilled to support the BF+DA’s education programs to advance the local manufacturing workforce and prepare up-and-coming talent for future job opportunities.”

For more information on their new initiative, go here.