15 Textile Books To Add To Your Summer Reading List


Earlier this year, we rounded up 10 fantastic textile books, but since summer is just around the corner, we figured we’d give you another 15 textile books to add to your summer reading list. From technology to mending to natural dyeing, these are all books that cover a variety of aspects of the world of textiles.

Now make some iced tea, kick back, and have fun in our virtual library!

Wool Book
Wool & Fine Fiber Book

It’s one thing to talk about textiles, it’s another thing entirely to feel them. That’s why Fibershed put together the Wool & Fine Fiber Book. The book is a collection of tactile samples to showcase wool and other fine fibers, intended to help connect flock owners and producers with artisans and designers who want to use their fibers. A little different than your average book, The Wool & Fine Fiber Book is available to lend directly from Fibershed, and if you just want to information about all of the producers (without touching the actual fibers) you can also access a digital version.

zero waste fashion design copy

Zero Waste Fashion Design

What are the criteria for zero waste design? How do you manufacture zero waste garments? What kind of digital technologies are available to help facilitate zero waste design? These questions, and many more, are presented and answered in Timo Rissanen and Holly McQuillan’s Zero Waste Fashion Design, that includes sample patterns and more than 20 exercises to help you better understand and master the zero waste design process.

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smart_textiles_3d-1 copy

Smart Textiles for Designers: Inventing the Future of Fabric

From biomaterials to 3d printing, technology is playing an ever evolving important role in today’s fashion industry. Smart Textiles for Designers: Inventing the Future of Fabric is a primer on many of the different qualities and properties that can be embedded in, integrated with, and applied to fabrics. Author Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, who is Associate Professor of Industrial Design at the Pratt Institute as well as the founder of Interwoven Design Studio, brings her designer expertise to provide both a reference and inspirational guide for anyone looking to do more with the world of smart fabrics.

Modern Nartural Dyer copy

The Modern Natural Dyer

In The Modern Natural Dyer author Kristine Vejar takes the mystery out of natural dyeing. She brings us back to the earth, back to natural rhythms of growing and foraging, all with a love for color and design. Even to experienced natural dyers and textile lovers, The Modern Natural Dyer provides fresh inspiration, both with dyeing recipes as well as patterns for a variety of sewn projects.

Indigo- From Mummies to Blue Jeans copy

Indigo: From Mummies to Blue Jeans

From stories of ancient Pharaohs to 17th-century Spanish galleons traveling the Caribbean with hundreds of chests of raw indigo, Jenny Balfour-Paul traces the exotic, and multifaceted, history of indigo. Paired with over 450 photos, it is a written and visual journey that will satisfy anyone with a love of this amazing dye. And if you’re bitten by the indigo bug, you can also read Balfour-Paul’s most recent book, Deeper Than Indigo.

mark making

Mark-Making in Textile Art: Techniques for Hand and Machine Stitching

Just like a painter uses a brush and a stroke, and a drawer uses a pencil, a textile artist uses a stitch to make his or her mark on not only the work, but the world. Mark-Making in Textile Art: Techniques for Hand and Machine Stitching is a collection of various stitches, encouraging the reader to take inspiration from the world around them to influence – and mark – their work.

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Slow Stitch book

Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art

Slow food, slow fashion, slow life; in our modern, fast-paced world, slowing down is all around us, encouraging us to be more mindful about what we eat, what we wear and how we live. Slow Stitch: Mindful and Contemplative Textile Art is no different, challenging the reader incorporate simple techniques, reuse and reinvent materials and reconnect to their work.

Natural Processes in Textile Art

Natural Processes in Textile Art: From Rust-Dyeing to Found Objects

There are materials all around us, as Alice Fox shows us in her book Natural Processes in Textile Art. The book is full of projects, ideas and examples of artists incorporating the natural world into their art, from burying embroidery to give it patina to making sun prints.

KNIT book

KNIT: Innovations in Fashion, Art, Design

Fashion, art and design; knitting finds a home in all of them. Knit: Innovations in Fashion, Art Design is a 240-page book to showcase it all, from new technologies to traditional techniques, providing an inspiring visual resource for designers and textile enthusiasts alike. The book includes everything from fashion constructions from Mark Fast to knitted architectural sculptures by Annette Streyl.

print make wear book

Print, Make, Wear: Creative Projects for Digital Textile Design

Digital printing used to be reserved for professional designers, but today, high quality digital printing services are readily available, making it easy for even the budding textile artist to play with printing their designs. Play, Make, Wear: Creative Projects for Digital Textile Design includes 14 different projects intended to inspire the reader to create their own printed, wearable designs.

Laser Cutting for Fashion and Textiles copy

Laser Cutting for Fashion and Textiles

Designers who are interested in harnessing the power of laser cutting for their creations should consider this book, which covers the basics of laser cutting and how to use it to create unique designs.

Fix Your Clothes book

Fix Your Clothes: The Sustainable Magic of Mending, Patching and Darning

Mending is the new shopping, and for anyone who needs to revive their mending skills, look no further than the DIY guide Fix Your Clothes. This simple, zine-style, book covers the basics of mending, from sewing on buttons to hemming, all to empower the reader to mend their clothes.

slow fashion book

Slow Fashion: Aesthetics Meets Ethics

In her new book, Safia Minney the founder of People Tree, takes us through the movement of sustainable design, arguing that the future of fashion retail is in fair trade, sustainable and organic products. Her vision for restorative economics is one that any designer can apply to their own business model and designs.

Advanced Textiles for Health and Wellbeing copy

Advanced Textiles for Health and Wellbeing

Do textiles have the potential to not just clothe us, but support our personal health? From textiles that are fireproof to ones with antibacterial properties, in Advanced Textiles for Health and Wellbeing Marie O’Mahoney takes a look at the latest technological advances in fibers and fabrics and how they might benefit us. With more than 200 illustrations, this book is complete with a glossary of technical terms as well as a list of suppliers.

designing with smart textiles copy

Designing with Smart Textiles

A guide to the world for smart textiles, Designing with Smart Textiles comes out in July 2016. Intended for designers who want to be a part of the creative revolution in materials design, the book provides detailed projects and examples to help the reader apply the approaches in their own work.

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