Friday 5: Five Stories That Changed The Way We Think About Fashion

Every week we put together our Friday 5 -five stories that compel us to read the lead sentence to the last sentence of an article.

Here are our top 5 this week.

banana republic label
Let ’Er Rip
“We wear clothes with clothing tags pretty much daily, but never think about it. Where did they come from? Credit two major forces: Unions and regulators,” writes Tedium.

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torah and women

In Italy, a Unique Connection Between Women and the Torah

“Creating special Torah coverings—often from discarded scraps of fabric—has a long history for Italian women,” writes Tablet Magazine.

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A Lab-Grown Diamond Is Forever

Can synthetic stones solve the jewelry industry’s problems? Racked takes a look.

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fashion gentrification

Is Gentrification a Threat to Fashion Capitals?

The Business of Fashion writes “Waves of young creatives are abandoning New York and London for lower rents and a better quality of life in places like Berlin and Los Angeles. Should the fashion industry be worried?”

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cultural appropriation

This Is What Happens When Indigenous Artists Do Their Own Appropriating

Fader writes on Toronto’s Setsuné Fashion Incubator has curated an art show-cum-clapback called Indian Giver.

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