Are Robots The New Seamstresses?


According to Business of Fashion, robots just might be the new seamstresses of the future.

“With less fanfare, robots are already sewing bath towels and drapery pleats, yoga pants and ironing board covers. Using a computer-controlled system from Jeanologia, based in Valencia, Spain, jeans makers can substitute lasers for guys with sandpaper to distress their wares. The offending dye vanishes in a poof of blue smoke.

Frank Henderson, CEO of Henderson Sewing Machine Co. in Andalusia, Alabama, told BOF that “Last year there were more than 70 different types of sewn products that we implemented automation and automated devices into,” citing examples ranging from dog collars to bulletproof vests. “There’s more than you can even think about.”

In our quest for reshoring American apparel, a prize we lost in the 1990s thanks in part to NAFTA, we have lost a wealth of technology know how. One might say that because of this out of sight out of mind fashion production, we also lost sight of who was making our clothing. Could robots be the solution to our human rights woes? Does this mean robots will now make poor countries poorer with incremental losses in human work?

Stay tuned…

Image: Kropekk_pl