Project JUST, Raising Funds to Support Research Into 100 Clothing Brands

project just

Project JUST recently announced that it is raising $30,000 to support research into 100 clothing brands via a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. The 30-day campaign, titled “Let’s Change the Way We Shop”, will fund the research of 100 additional brands, 12 new “JUST APPROVED” lists and the development of the organization’s seal of approval.

Following on the heels of some recent press around Project JUST’s first JUST Approved denim brands the company was also recently awarded from Levi’s. The JUST Approved program was launched to help shoppers identify the best labels for style, quality, ethics and sustainability. Since Project JUST launched in December, the team has been adding new brands to a directory every week.

Project JUST is an online platform that currently researches 75 brands for supply chain ethics and sustainability, and publishes shopping guides of the best brands under its JUST APPROVED seal. The platform is primed for growth and partners sponsoring the campaign include Zady, Modavanti, Beru Kids, and Victoria Road.

“This campaign is a direct response to our users’ requests for more data and JUST APPROVED guides. With the campaign funds, we will research additional brands and expand our JUST APPROVED lists to a dozen categories,” said Natalie Grillon, co-CEO, Project JUST. “The impact of our research and JUST APPROVED lies in our ability to help shoppers differentiate and support those brands that share their values. Our aim is to shift purchasing behavior towards options with sustainable, ethical practices and collectively influence the industry through the power of our wallets.”

Project JUST was founded by Acumen Fellows, Grillon and Shahd AlShehail in December 2015. The website is “Changing the Way We Shop”, by empowering shoppers to purchase not only by fit, style and quality but also the company ethics and practices. The women, with backgrounds in fashion, supply chains and international development, were inspired to start the company after the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory in 2013.

“After Rana Plaza, we realized that transparency in fashion was not just nice to have, but absolutely imperative,” said Grillon. “We know from our previous work in the industry that sustainable and ethical alternative clothing options do exist but people can’t differentiate. With information lost in the complexity of fast fashion supply chains, the shopper is purchasing clothes unaware of the potential negative impacts of their decisions. Our clothing purchasing habits are killing people and harming the environment.”

For more information on Project JUST’s JUST APPROVED Indisgogo campaign go HERE.