Project Just Launches Wikipedia Like Site For Transparency in Fashion

project just 2

Navigating the unruly territory that is fashion and transparency is one of the most difficult challenges for the modern day conscious shopper. Luckily Project Just launched a new site and tool last night that will begin to make clear who the brands are attempting to make positive strides in the wild west of fashion.

Sourcing Journal’s Cleo Levin writes: “Initially, the organization will look to target the core segment of American consumers who are already seeking out ethically sourced products in other industries, for example people who buy organic, fair-trade food at the market. From there, they will expand to a greater audience.”

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“On the brand side, Project Just will make its findings available in the form of data, allowing brands to search for partners that meet their expectations. The organization will partner with suppliers to make profiles on the platform and the suppliers’ employees will then be able to join and report on their working conditions.

Uploaded information will be validated from online and on-the-ground sources. They will follow up with journalists and non-profits, as well as brands for questions and comments regarding their own supply chain. Project Just will also work with a committee of experts from the fashion industry in the public and private sector to help verify the data they are receiving.”

For those in the sustainable fashion world whose friends and colleagues have asked numerous times whether a brand is “good” or not, this site just might be a solution to aggregating all the info they need.

Watch this video to learn more about Project Just.

Project JUST from Project JUST on Vimeo.