Mango Makes Fast Fashion Go Faster?


It seems like we are frequently made aware of fast fashion giants like Mango wanting increased speed from concept to customer. So for those wanting more faster, wish granted. Say hello to Mango’s new 26-drops-a-year model (that’s right, 26 different shipments of clothing to 1700 stores in 100 countries.) Fast fashion is going nowhere so as emerging designers and for that small slice of sustainable shopper emerging on the fashion scene, how is one to navigate?

Sumeera Rasul of Madesmith says in her article “7 Ways Independent Fashion Designers Can Beat Fast Fashion Giants, “In the last 10 years, fast fashion growth has spiraled out of control. Undeniably, the current way of business for the second largest industry in the world (oil being first) is not sustainable.”


We get it but with the feel-good impacts of shopping on the brain, it makes seeing logic as to environmental and human rights all that much more difficult when you have a legal drug (shopping) being pushed in malls.

Want is a powerful thing.

Sandra Halliday of Trendwalk writes:

“The question was first asked back in the late 90s when the ‘fast fashion’ became the business model to follow. Back then it was all about retailers being in the driving seat and getting manufacturers to race to make faster deliveries of the trends those retailers had identified after long and careful research. But the spring/summer and autumn/winter concept still just-about-worked.

But in a world where online, social media, and peer ‘likes’ are what count, fast fashion has morphed into a scenario where the consumer is more in control and the retailers are racing to keep up. With this move Mango is making sure it’s ahead of the game but also saying two mega seasons a year just doesn’t work. Welcome to the world of the micro season.”

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Images: Garry Knight, Geralt