Iris Van Herpen’s ‘Transforming Fashion’ Exhibit Launches in Atlanta

iris van herpen 2

Image: Bart Oomes, No 6 Studios, Chemical Crows (2008)

Fast Company writes:

“When people talk about Iris van Herpen, they often talk about unlikely intersections: of fashion and technology; technology and craftsmanship; otherwordly creations and those inspired by nature. Sarah Schleuning, the curator of Iris van Herpen: Transforming Fashion, opening next week at the High Museum in Atlanta, throws another one into the ring: a blend of singular focus and big, expansive ideas.

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Image: Bart Oomes, No 6 Studios, Refinery Smoke (2008)

‘Her interests are insular, but she has a very big vision of the world,’ says Schleuning. ‘It’s that balance between having a very singular vision and voice, but at the same time she’s very open and broad about who she wants to collaborate and share ideas with. They’re not the usual subjects—they’re scientists, they’re artists, makers, great thinkers in all kinds of field. I think that allows for that kind of expansion for what’s possible.’

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Image: Bart Oomes, No 6 Studios, Hybrid Holism, Dress, 2012

“The first major exhibition of van Herpen’s work in the U.S., Transforming Fashion covers every couture line of her career thus far, putting on full display her futuristic and darkly fantastical designs and the evolution of her work since she launched her line, right out of school, in 2007,” writes Fast Company writer Meg Miller.

No secret that we are fans here.

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All images: Iris Van Herpen