BF+DA’s Unreasonable Women Launches The Retouchers Accord

retouchers accord

Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator Venture Fellow Unreasonable Women, an early stage company focused on product, service, and workplace policy design for women, recently announced the launch of their second venture, The Retouchers Accord. The effort aims to build a consensus-based oath and set of guidelines to foster more authenticity in the digital alteration of photographs of people.

The project is a collaboration between Unreasonable Women founder Sarah Krasley and Fast Company writer Leah Hunter. According to a press release from Unreasonable Women,  the duo are convening a group of thought leaders and practitioners from retouching, graphic design, editorial, fashion, beauty, wellness, and technology to develop the first draft of an oath and guidelines in early August.

The draft that results from that conversation will be posted online and will be open for comments through early September.

“Our first venture, X Swimwear, is about redesigning the terrible experience women have trying on bathing suits. We didn’t just look at the product, we approached the problem like Toyota would, we looked at the entire system and found many opportunities to remove waste and to empower women,” says Sarah Krasley, founder, Unreasonable Women. “Because heavily retouched images do much to promote unattainable ideals and further epidemic levels of body dysmorphia in women and girls, it seemed like an obvious place for us to engage.”

“The plan is not to ban retouching,” says Leah Hunter, Unreasonable Women’s chief of ethnography. “The best thing we can do is start a conversation with the various people in the system and map the ranges of what’s acceptable and what is not and then get input from the general public.”

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