Plastic Trash Makes For Good Surf Shorts

fishing net clothes

Plastic trash is having its moment. We wrote recently about Adidas creating a new prototype sneaker out of illegal fishing nets pulled up from the ocean floor, now Outerknown enters the ring with new board shorts that can be recycled when worn out into a new pair. They’re from a new line of men’s clothing that is made entirely from plastic fishing net trash. When the clothes wear out, they can be fully upcycled into a brand-new shirt or jacket.

recycled fishing net clothing

FastCo.Exist writes: “The clothes, known as the ‘Evolution Series’, were the brainchild of 11-time world surf champion Kelly Slater. After spending thousands of hours in the ocean, Slater liked the idea of recycling plastic fishing nets—a common source of ocean waste—into clothing. He partnered with Aquafil, an Italian manufacturer that spins old nets, along with carpet and other nylon waste, into a new yarn called Econyl.

outerknown board shorts

“Perhaps most interesting is the fact that the resulting fabric is itself infinitely recyclable. ‘If we take a garment—or fishing net, or whatever else made from Nylon 6—thanks to this special process, we’re able to come back to the first raw material,’ Sandrini says. ‘We generally buy this material, which is a derivative of oil. Thanks to Econyl, we’re able to reproduce it. It’s a never-ending process. It can be returned to the first building block.'”

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Images: Outerknown