Pope Francis Calls Global Capitalism a ‘Subtle Dictatorship’


The New York Times writes “Pope Francis does not just criticize the excesses of global capitalism. He compares them to the ‘dung of the devil.’ He does not simply argue that systemic ‘greed for money’ is a bad thing. He calls it a ‘subtle dictatorship’ that ‘condemns and enslaves men and women.’”

Whether you are religious or not, the Pope has definitely made waves within the Catholic community and beyond when it comes to everything from the inequalities of capitalism, global injustice and even climate change.

The Times wrirtes of Pope Francis’s recent speech in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, “before nearly 2,000 social activists, farmers, trash workers and neighborhood activists. Even as he meets regularly with heads of state, Francis has often said that change must come from the grass roots, whether from poor people or the community organizers who work with them. To Francis, the poor have earned knowledge that is useful and redeeming, even as a ‘throwaway culture’ tosses them aside. He sees them as being at the front edge of economic and environmental crises around the world.”

Can the pope cause a new awareness for the poor hustling to supply the West and Europe with throwaway products? Anything can help.

Read the full article on the New York Times.

Image: Reynaldodallin