Bolt Threads Seeks to Make Material From Bacteria Genes Found In Spider Webs

spider web

TechCrunch writes of new startup Bolt Threads: “The startup plans to make clothing that is stronger than steel and softer than Merino wool by manipulating the genes of bacteria to get them to produce the same silken threads that spiders spin from glands in their behind.

Silicon Valley loves wild ideas, and this is definitely one of the weirder sounding ones. But a bunch of VC’s from Foundation Capital, Founders Fund, Formation 8 and Alafi Capital think they see potential in this startup and have given Bolt Threads $32.3 million in Series B funding to help it manufacture those threads at scale.”

Tech Crunch writes that while the silk from spiders is some of the toughest, softest and most malleable material in the world (as in it’s said to be five to 10 times harder than steel or Kevlar), it still possesses remarkable elasticity and stretch resistance (for preserving all your yoga pants).

“The problem is it’s really hard to produce in mass quantities. Still, plenty of people have tried to do this. It usually involved enslaving the spiders….”

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Image: Pixmart