VIDEO: Electroloom Builds a 3D-Printer for Clothes


Ecouterre recently interviewed Electroloom founder Joseph White about the sustainable potential of the 3D printer.
White told Ecouterre: “There’s a lot of waste in the textile industry. Electroloom has the potential to reduce the impact of this waste in a variety of ways. We’re still in such an early stage, however, so a lot of this is still speculation for us.

There are fascinating ideas around dramatically reducing the amount of waste that goes into the fabric-manufacturing process because we’re able to go from raw material directly to finished good.”

We’ve written a number of times on 3D printing and textiles, looking at sustainability attributes as well as how developments in technology are factoring into sustainability, gender rights, traceability and privacy and what we can expect from an industry that has become so much a part of our everydayness.

In fact, you can join us this Tuesday, June 9th at 9 a.m. for a deep dive with fashion law leaders into whether “Google-Ogling” and our personal data are a new form of technology we should be a lot more cautious with. As we witness the births of new and improved technology, what can we expect from young start ups like Electroloom and should we be investing more in them for the planet?

To read the full interview with Electroloom, go to Ecouterre.

To support their Kickstarter campaign, go here.

And to be in awe of how cool a project this is, watch the video below to see how they make garments!