The BF+DA is redefining the apparel industry by integrating sustainable best practices into design businesses.

The Sustainability Lab (s.LAB) offers consulting services for NYC designers to create practical roadmaps to optimize the complete life cycle of the products we manufacture in order to reduce human health impacts, ecological impacts, resource use, and incorporate ethical production methods. Our sample library of sustainable materials is a teaching tool for designers who want to source responsibly.


Physical Sustainable Textile Collection
The s.LAB is a physical space to touch, feel and explore sustainable materials. The s.LAB features a robust collection of sustainable textiles with sourcing information, life cycle descriptions and sustainability impacts for major fiber types, and examples of innovation and technology within the apparel industry.

Sustainable Textile Sourcing Consulting
The s.LAB offers consulting services around sustainable textile, material, and packaging sourcing. Our experienced team can assist you with identifying sustainable materials and where to source them. Additionally, we can work with you to achieve more supply chain transparency.

Sustainable Strategies
We can provide you with tools and strategies to optimize your design throughout the life cycle of your product. We work with you to explore ways to integrate sustainability in all aspects of your design, from innovation, materials and production, to distribution, packaging, use and disposal.

Fees and Scheduling an Appointment
s.LAB consulting fees are $180 for the first hour-and-a-half and $120 for subsequent hour-long sessions. Please contact us at info@bkaccelerator.com to schedule an appointment in the s.LAB.