Positive Impact Awards: Lewis Perkins, Collaboration to Advance Sustainability in the Fashion Industry

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This year, to celebrate the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator’s first year in operation, we want to acknowledge some of the individuals who have been alongside us, have inspired us and are part of the journey forward. To that end we are launching the first annual Pratt Institute/BF+DA Positive Impact Awards.

Lewis Perkins is being awarded the Collaboration to Advance Sustainability in the Fashion Industry award with his work at Fashion Positive and Cradle to Cradle.
We asked him to talk about how more businesses can make the idea of sharing knowledge on sustainability to be even more powerful than going at it alone. What’s it going to take?

“We advocate for increased collaboration and partnership now. Through industry working groups and targeted goals that include multiple partners from brands, manufacturers and suppliers we are able to tackle issues together and gather resources to solve common gaps for success. In our case, it’s about needing the right innovations in order to move more deeply into the circular economy. Cradle to Cradle is not only the design catalyst for circularity, but it is also the verification that we are reaching our vision of restorative production and circular design with materials and processes that honor clean energy, safe chemicals, clean water, social fairness and endlessly reused materials.
We can’t go it alone and we need to leverage many theories of change to seed this kind of Revolution!”

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