Positive Impact Awards: Aza Ziegler, Pratt Young Entrepreneurs Award

aza ziegler

This year, to celebrate the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator’s first year in operation, we want to acknowledge some of the individuals who have been alongside us, have inspired us and are part of the journey forward. With that, we are launching the first annual Pratt Institute/BF+DA Positive Impact Awards.

BF+DA Junior Venture Fellow Aza Ziegler, founder of Calle del Mar is being awarded the Pratt Young Entrepreneurs Award.

We asked Aza, as a young designer, how has sustainability already factored into her work and how would she suggest fashion schools better prepare students for the real fashion world?

“There is a wide spectrum of ways to approach sustainability as a young designer and I believe it comes naturally to you as to what is important. School can only prepare you with the facts but you need to design what you want to stand up for and only you can decide how you want to impact the industry. When I started Calle Del Mar I decided to focus on the working conditions of my factories. I feel very passionately about fair wages and happy factories as well as domestic sourcing and production. Calle Del Mar draws so much inspiration from the California landscape I grew up in and so naturally, I feel its my duty to maintain our earth through my work.

Gotta keep all those good vibes alive.”

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