A 7 Shirt Capsule Collection, Made Locally for Transparency

A socially responsible fashion brand, Pause NY, is currently running a Kickstarter with all shirts produced at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator.

My partner Sezin and I spent a combined 17 years in the retail industry but it wasn’t until we worked at Calvin Klein when we met each other. Our category was women’s woven tops. We became friends and found a common passion between us – fashion and entrepreneurship. Leveraging our experiences, we decided to partner together to build Pause NY.

When we thought about all of the fashion brands that exist today, we felt like there was something missing. There are high-end designer brands who make beautiful, quality clothing but at very high prices. And then you have fast fashion brands on the other end of the spectrum who make products at the expense of quality in order to produce at low costs, which passes on to consumers as low prices. In both spectrums, you can find the most popular fashion trends. But where is the transparency? How do you know where and how each product is made?
It is uncommon for brands to disclose factory wages and consumption of resources. According to Ethical Corporation, “only 34 brands have made public commitments to paying living wages to workers and only 4 brands are reporting on progress towards achieving this aim.”

Sezin and I felt the need to address this. So we set out to do it on our own, specializing in what we knew – women’s shirting. We wanted to make clothing in the US in a socially responsible way and that was quality made, fashionable, and affordable. During our factory research, we found the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, whose beliefs in social responsibility aligns with our brand. It was a natural partnership and allowed us to be very close to the process and has been a great resource for an emerging brand like ours.

Product-wise, we wanted to overhaul the basic white button-down shirt. We decided to create a capsule collection of 7 poplin shirts each with our take on modern fashion and with the goal of making them versatile enough to dress up or down. We sourced 100% poplin cotton fabric from a mill in Turkey that is OEKO-TEX certified. This means they test their textiles for harmful substances and produce in environmental friendly facilities.

We’re currently running a Kickstarter campaign to raise funding for production of our first batch of inventory. All styles are offered at a 30% discount and the campaign ends on July 2.
Please help Pause NY spread the word by supporting their Kickstarter here!

To learn more about how brands are taking on sustainable strategies, check out the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator’s Sustainable Fashion Roadmap tool.