5 Reasons Why You Should Become a BF+DA Venture Fellow

So you are thinking about becoming a Venture Fellow at the Brooklyn Fashion and Design Accelerator?

As a former venture fellow and BF+DA alumnus, the BF+DA was critical for me growing my business, and was an experience I am extremely grateful for.  If you are starting or growing a business and are considering applying to be a Venture Fellow at the BF+DA, here five reasons why I would recommend that you consider applying:

1. Being Surrounded by Gutsy Entrepreneurs

I often describe the benefits of being in an environment like the BF+DA as osmosis. There’s a suite of certain character traits that draw people to become entrepreneurs. They create things that haven’t been made before. They are driven, risk tolerant, and have guts. It takes a lot of bravery to make and grow a creative endeavor from an idea into a business. If you are thinking about applying to be a Venture Fellow at the BF+DA, you are likely share some of these traits. Being around other entrepreneurs is essential because when you are around dozens of people who choose to reject the status quo and create something, you can’t help but absorb more of that spirit.

2. Other People Have Been Through This Too

Starting a business has plenty of virtues, but sometimes it sucks. There are plenty of learning curves. Maybe you weren’t born a natural marketer, bookkeeper, tech guru, or spreadsheet wizard. One of the most difficult things starting out can be finding peers that share some of the same pain points or finding people that have been through the same journey you are going through. The BF+DA community has a deep reservoir of shared experiences and between other Venture Fellows, Research Fellows, mentors, or BF+DA staff, it’s likely that someone there will be able to help you.

3. Mentorship by Smart People Who Care

The BF+DA has a team of stellar mentors that venture fellows can tap for expert consultation. It’s hard to overstate how special this resource is. The impact that these mentors have had on the companies within the BF+DA is immeasurable.  Besides being smart, effective and offering sage advice, the mentors at the BF+DA also personally care about the personal success of you and your business. Between the mentors and the BF+DA staff, the personal relationships you can create here are invaluable.

4. The Events

The space at the BF+DA also functions as a hub for really interesting and engaging events including panel discussions, pop up shops, lunch and learns, and community team building retreats. When you have a desk space at the BF+DA, you are not only in a work space with a great view, you are inside a synapse for the design, fashion, and sustainability community.

And lastly…

5. Everyone is Really Nice

It’s true.  It’s a really nice place to go to work.

If you want to apply to be a venture fellow at the BF+DA, click here before the June 12th deadline!

Austin Robey was the co-founder of Make Mode, a creative 3d printing studio. He recently founded Pixel Practice, an educational platform for multidisciplinary skill and career building with a focus on digital design software tools.