Grad Student Creates Entire (Soft) Fashion Collection With 3-D Printers

3d clothing

Danit Peleg, who recently graduated from the Shenkar College of Design, created her graduate collection including five full looks entirely with 3-D printers which are available for anyone to buy.

Peleg tells Fashionista: “I was always interested in the connection [between] fashion and technology, so my work was about laser cutting and 3-D printing.”

In wanting to explore a new material for her designs, she eventually discovered FilaFlex, a soft filament that was a lot more malleable than other 3D fibers she’d tried using. Fashionista says she began by creating her pattern on Optitex, a fashion design software, then transferring it to Blender, a 3-D graphic design software. From there she was able to print sheets of lace-like “textiles,” which she then glued together to create the final pieces.

Check out the video below to see her results!

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