FILM: Samsung and Vimeo Explore Our Relationships With Tech in “Connected Series”

samsung vimeo

How can we explore technology even deeper? How can we bridge meaning between the miles? Check out Samsung and Vimeo’s collaborative short film series, Connected, which takes a meaningful look at humanity’s relationship with technology.

As Jeff Hurlow of Vimeo writes, “Technology is a tremendous force in our lives today, and it’s one that is constantly changing — and as technology changes, so does our relationship with it. It wasn’t so long ago that a phone was simply a tool used to call people, a camera merely a way to capture a moment, and on the flipside, a record player was an innovation instead of hipster décor. But in the last decade, our devices have become a vital part of how we see and interact with the world — the effects of which are still up for debate.”

Created by 11 Vimeo filmmakers, the Connected Series is a set of 10 original stories that examine the human relationship with technology. Hurlow writes, “The filmmakers responded to the concept of connection in a variety of ways; each provides a different perspective that highlights scale, emotional impact, a visual immersion, or relationships in relation to technology and innovation today.”

Below is a sampler from the collaboration called “Department of Communication” by Drew Christie. In this vintage educational film produced by the Department of Communication, a number of new technologies for human communication are explored; some are more useful than others.

Go here to watch half of the films which are ready for viewing and keep an eye out for the other 6 that will be up soon.

Department of Communication from Drew Christie on Vimeo.

Image: Connected Series