Fashion Burnout? WWD Reports

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WWD writes: “With its chaotic fashion weeks, torrents of tweets and Instagram posts, accelerating product cycles, and hype machinery in overdrive, the industry seems to have embraced warp speed as the new black.

Is this a sign of fashion’s rude health, its popularity spiraling with the aid of new technology and tight ties with Hollywood, music and art royalty? Or is the system simply spinning out of control and heading for a big burnout? The answer depends on whom you ask.”

For example, Rick Owens was quoted:

“I don’t really see a problem: I tend to look at these things as evolutionary. The fashion calendar is just having a cultural moment like the Sunset Strip in L.A. did with rock bands in the Seventies. In retrospect, we might look back and see this period as a breeding ground for a golden age of design. The energy will eventually dissipate and the crowd will move on to something else. As for myself, I feel stimulated and the volume of stuff I see that I don’t really agree with stimulates me to react, which probably makes me work harder. And busy hands are happy hands.”

With a fashion health poll ranging from Karl Lagerfeld to Livia Firth, Ralph Lauren to Yeohlee Teng, over 60 fashion industry greats sound off on what they think is the true state of fashion in 2015…and those opinions are truly all over the board.

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Image: Go Mainstream