AEG and Not Just a Label Partner For Fabric Care Education


Image: AEG

With news that thousands of plastic microfibers are being washed into the oceans and lakes every time we wash our fleece, being aware of how much and how cold we wash our clothing has never been more important. And while exciting initiatives from companies like Bionic Yarn and Adidas are pulling that plastic from oceans to create new products, there still is a major problem to contend with: the overuse of polyester in so much of our clothing.

So it’s exciting to read about NOT JUST A LABEL, the world’s window on the largest global network of contemporary designers and a leading curator of pioneering fashion talent, has teamed up with AEG “to underline the importance of fabric care. It’s all about reconsidering the larger conversation around sustainable fashion, to identify what simple changes and gestures both independent designers and savvy consumers can make to impact real, environmental change today.”

NJAL writes: “If we can learn to love the fibres of our fabrics, return to investing in premium quality and outstanding craftsmanship – our sense of precious attachment and love for clothes will quickly follow. By slowing down, and simply buying less but spending more on better fashion, consumers can actually save money, reduce their personal impact on the environment and prolong the lifetime of their garments.”

An exciting collaboration we look forward to following.

Read the full article here and watch our PLab director Tara St James of Study as part of the initiative below.