VIDEO: Worn Stories Takes A Look at Fashion & Connection to Clothing

worn stories

We recently had author Emily Spivack at the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator to promote her New York Times acclaimed book Worn Stories, a book that looks at fashion and our connection to clothing. In addition to Emily giving us a beautiful presentation and reading from a small selection (of the over 60 narratives) woven throughout her book, we asked our attendees to bring a piece of clothing that meant something to them and to tell the story behind it.

Here’s what one person had to say while alone in the storytelling booth, the rest of the stories on our Vimeo page here

Worn Story No. 8 from BF+DA on Vimeo.

From the Worn Stories Website:

“Worn Stories is a collection of stories about clothing and memory that has been edited by Emily Spivack since 2010. The New York Times Best Seller was published by Princeton Architectural Press in Fall 2014. In addition to her book trailer (one of the first book trailers ever created!) Emily will present a touching presentation on the big screen about some of her favorite “Worn Stories” clothing.”

Check out the Worn Stories trailer here.