Top 10 Morning Rituals For Entrepreneurs

People perform morning rituals and can be very superstitious whether in sports, writing or just being an entrepreneur. Consider that Michael Jordan would never go on court without his UNC trunks under his Chicago Bulls uniform, Isabel Allende begins writing novels on the same date for every book, or how about that Heidi Klum carries her baby teeth around in her bag for good luck (wait WHAT?!)

We all have our rituals and recently brought our Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator Venture Fellows together to re-energize our community, strengthen bonds and learn about what helps put them on a path towards success.

Here are their top 10 morning rituals for entrepreneurs:
1. RPM – Rise, Pee, Meditate
2. Drink lemon water
3. Go directly to work
4. Touch toes ten times
5. List three things I am grateful for
6. Pet my dog’s belly
7. Write down most important tasks for the day
8. Roll dice
9. Make tea for business partner
10. Write 2 pages in Morning Pages – from Julia Cameron’s “The Artist’s Way”

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