THEUNSEEN Creates Clothing That Senses Water Pollution

Image: The Unseen Explorer / Jacob Chabeaux

According to Dazed, THEUNSEEN has found a way to create clothing that senses water pollution.

“THEUNSEEN and alchemist Lauren Bowkerhas joined forces with Lost Explorer, founded by David de Rothschild, for a project called Water, a stunning way to understand the effects of water pollution through fashion, with imagery made by Jacob Chabeaux and commissioned by Dazed.”

“80 per cent of the worlds waste water is put back into the environment untreated and that figure is growing,” Bowker tells Dazed. “The brain and body are made from 73 per cent water and 71 per cent of the surface of the planet is covered in the stuff!” Climate change is something that we all – except maybe Donald Trump – know is happening, but information around it can often be hard to decipher.”

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Dazed says “The t-shirt starts its life purple to indicate the purest form of neutral water. When the t-shirt comes into contact with non-neutral water, the pH level of that water is then revealed through the colour of the garment, forming colour shifts through the pH scale from Alkaline Green to Acidic Red. This enables the wearer to visualise the level of pollution in the water they are being exposed to.”

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