The New Fashion Business Model Opens For Indie Designers


I’m all about the New Fashion Business Model. Working with independent brands so closely has shown me what is possible when we take our ability to reach our goals solely into our own hands. Rather than waiting for permission to succeed, we break the rules that don’t make sense to us and we charge full steam ahead.

I’ve written about this topic in bits and pieces, talked about it on the Conscious Chatter podcast, and have built a business around it. I figure it’s time to lay it all out in a blog post; everything I believe to be true about the direction of the next generation of fashion designers as evidenced through my own experiences and lots of time spent with so many of you!

So what do I mean when I talk about the  New Fashion Business Model?

I’m talking about the decisions that designers are making about the kind of businesses they want to build. From the kind of products you create to how you sell those products, and so much in between, so many of you are creating your own rules and building businesses that are completely unique to your life goals and personal values. And it’s incredible to see!

Let’s break it down. Here are the trends I’m seeing in fashion businesses these days.

Sharing Personal Values As Brand Identity
This is so good. The most incredible part of being an entrepreneur is the control you have over your own future. But this is only true when you’ve built something that complements your life, rather than works against. When your work competes with your life every single day, then you have no control. But when you have created something that works with the kind of life you are leading, then it’s really good.

A big part of building a business that complements your lifestyle is building a business that is based on your personal values. Spending time thinking about what matters to you as a human being, what values you want to hold, what personal message you want to convey to the world, has become the foundation of so many emerging and independent brands.

Rather than feeling as though you have to adhere to the old school version of what a fashion brand is, you are building lifestyle brands that have purpose and meaning and are fulfilling not just for you, but for the people who purchase from you, write about you, and collaborate with you…

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Image: Unsplash