The Textile Industry Looks to Tech for Revival

warwick mills

As the textile industry looks to tech for a modern day fiber revival, research and development have taken center stage.

The New York Times writes today of New Hampshire based Warwick Mills which produces specialized fabrics used in products like safety gloves for industrial workers and body armor for the police and military.

“Now, Warwick Mills is joining the Defense Department, universities including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and nearly 50 other companies in an ambitious $320 million project to push the American textile industry into the digital age. Key to the plan is a technical ingredient: embedding a variety of tiny semiconductors and sensors into fabrics that can see, hear, communicate, store energy, warm or cool a person or monitor the wearer’s health.

‘These would be high-tech offerings that change the game for the companies involved and for the industry,’ said Charles Howland, president and chief engineer of Warwick Mills.”

With a call out to contributions from a variety of industries including materials science, electrical engineering, software development, human-computer interaction, advanced manufacturing and fashion design, tech might just be the 2.0 the fashion industry can actually bank on.

Read the full article here on the New York Times.