Sustainable Fashion Roadmap: Anticipated Lifespan

How can you design a garment with materials and methods appropriate for its expected and usable life?

At the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator, we offer the Sustainable Fashion Roadmap Tool, an extensive online resource for exploring and integrating sustainable strategies to answer questions like this.

As a designer considering the lifecycle of your design, have you considered:
Material selection according to its’ forecasted lifespan?
Have you thought about consumer use?
Are you considering the physical durability of your garments? If not, how can you choose fibers logically with the intent to design around the item’s foreseeable life?
Are you designing garments for disassembly or to be repurposed to prolong material life?
Are you providing information to consumers about various strategies that would extend the garment’s life span?

Learn more about creating a longer lifespan for your clothing through our Sustainable Fashion Roadmap tool here.

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