SUPPORT: Photochromia, An Apparel collection of UV Responsive Clothing


Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator Research Fellows Maddy Maxey and Mari Kussman of tech design consultancy The CRATED today launched PHOTOCHROMIA on Kickstarter, featuring an apparel collection of UV responsive digital prints on clothing.

PHOTOCHROMIA is a collaboration between two companies at the intersection of apparel and technology. A collection of sunlight sensitive garments, Photochromia visualizes STEAM concepts such as Schrodinger’s Cat and Parametric equations. Through The Crated’s collaboration, they aim to contribute to a future where clothing is truly responsive to environment.


Where tech and fashion are still in their early stages in terms of becoming more stylish and able to work seamlessly with the body, the industry needs more female researchers and developers like Maxey and Kussman in a predominantly male-led industry. The BF+DA supports research fellows like The Crated and the fruits of that support are products like PHOTOCHROMIA, SYNC and serving as a platform for deeper insights into the industry.

Maxey says  the manufacturing of PHOTOCHROMIA will take place in the Print All Over Me production studio outside Shanghai, where each object is made to order by hand. The facility is owned by Print All Over Me, and ensures that employees work not more than full time and receive full health care coverage. They also make at least four times a fair wage.

the crated

Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator Research Fellows Maddy Maxey and Mari Kussman

“It took us over a year to set up a reliable, ethical and functional supply chain and we’re constantly iterating and growing to perfect our garments,” says Maxey.

While the concept itself isn’t what most would consider “sustainable” in terms of fabric choice, consider the role of dual purpose clothing. Transformative apparel might have the potential to create less waste simply by having the potential to morph patterns, color and texture. In essence, why buy more clothing when the one piece you have is more than enough?

Learn more about PHOTOCHROMIA and contribute to The Crated’s Kickstarter campaign here.