SUPPORT: Evrnu Launches Campaign to Recycle Cotton Garment Waste

Evrnu™ has created an innovative new technology that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber.

evrnu sweater


Imagine the staggering amount of resources and waste in fashion supply chain, as well as the ecological and human impact. Imagine being able to take old clothing, break it down to its basic building blocks, and then rebuild it into something new, of higher quality, and beautiful—something you’d love to wear and feel good about wearing.

Would you be interested in supporting it? This isn’t any Shark Tank pitch, this is a reality that Evrnu™, an innovative new technology that recycles cotton garment waste to create premium, renewable fiber is asking you to entertain.


The team over at Evrnu™ says: “Let’s pause for a moment and imagine 12 million tons of garbage—that’s roughly the weight of 12 million cars. The fashion world thrives on consumption and obsolescence. Styles are constantly changing, and today’s trend will, eventually, become tomorrow’s trash.”

After rounds of research and trials, they’ve discovered not only is textile recycling  possible, but they can actually create higher quality products than the garments were in their first life through a patent-pending process that is comprised of five steps.


But then the big question: Is it possible to contain garment waste to the supply chain in a way that is good for business, for the environment, and for consumers?

“What’s revolutionary about this technology is that it works within the existing business model for fashion—it doesn’t require a change in the supply chain, and neither the industry nor consumers have to change their desire for new styles. We’re able to contain styles within the supply chain, and break them down to create new ones,” says Evrnu™ Founder/Director Stacy Flynn.

The  Evrnu™ team is using Indiegogo to reach out to all communities, not just the fashion world. With all the recent reports of synthetics being found in the oceans, endangered forests being taken down for fast fashion chains’ new-found love of cellulose-based fibers, the challenges of the fashion industry are being felt around the world by science, food, environmental, labor rights groups and even small business.

If you can’t support Evrnu™ with a monetary donation then please help us all promote them via social media, or by sharing their website, to make a statement about why Evrnu matters to you. Use the hashtags of #evrnu and #futureofapparel so the team can make sure to thank you for being part of taking the waste out of fashion!

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