Project Reefstone Uses Data-Generative Garments Showcasing Ocean Warming

Project Reefstone is a data-generative garment from Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator based Wearable Media Studio that visualizes the dramatic change of global temperature in the last 40 years. Each piece of fabric panel is laser cut according to the global land-ocean temperature index data provided by NASA. The form resembles the bleached coral reefs, that are decaying due to the rise of global temperature. There is beauty in its form and decay, but it also illuminates the dangers of a rapidly declining ecosystem.

Wearable Media Co-Founder Yuchen Zhang says “Project Reefstone not only explores how to incorporate technology and data in fashion production. It also provides its wearer a new way to tell important stories.”

Wearable Media says they want to raise awareness about the impact of global warming and tell its story through a high concept and data-driven garment which on World Ocean’s Day, is a unique way to tell it.

Watch the video on the project below.

Project Reefstone from Wearable Media Studio on Vimeo.

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