Positive Impact Awards: Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman, Pratt Design Educators Award for Technology and Sustainability

Rebeccah2 on location
This year, to celebrate the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator’s first year in operation, we want to acknowledge some of the individuals who have been alongside us, have inspired us and are part of the journey forward. To that end we are launching the first annual Pratt Institute/BF+DA Positive Impact Awards.

Rebeccah Pailes-Friedman is being awarded the Pratt Design Educators for Technology and Sustainability for her work in Wearable Technology at the IMARI Lab at Pratt Institute.
We asked Rebeccah to talk about her own work and looking forward at fashion and technology as an opportunity to push design:

“What’s fascinating about working with NASA is the opportunity to imagine what it’s like to be in zero gravity and then to create tools, systems and environments that work together to improve astronauts quality of life and their efficiency in space.

 But my design aesthetic is not driven by the technology. Good engineering is not necessarily good design. Whether it’s on Mars or Earth, the key to good design is to approach it, as an experience. We can’t keep designing the technology first and then trying to fit it to the body.  We have to start looking at the human side of wearables, where fashion and technology are coming together. We need to figure out what’s beautiful on the body and then take a look at the added value that technology brings to the experience.”

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