Live Chat on The Guardian: ‘Can Tech Give the Fashion Industry a Sustainability Makeover?’


Join experts from the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator, Patagonia, FashTech London, biological designer Amy Congdon and more on The Guardian for a live chat on Tuesday April 12, 11 am EST to discuss tech innovations with the potential to revolutionize fashion.

The Guardian writes: “Technology is revolutionising the way we use and relate to clothes. Last year, Google and Levi’s announced they were partnering on Project Languard to develop a fabric that can send commands to your smartphone via gestures like tapping or swiping. Ralph Lauren already offers a t shirt for a cool $295 (£210) that sends workout data to an iPhone, and Lady Gaga has brought 3D printing to the red carpet.

But beyond the super hi-tech, others are working on merging technology and fashion to address environmental concerns.”

Get your coffee cups filled and join us for a morning chat on all this here.