Lauren Slowik of Shapeways’ Ten Favorite 3D Scanning Projects

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Lauren Slowik at the Brooklyn Fashion+Design Accelerator’s Tech Tuesday

It was a pretty eye-opening evening last night with Lauren Slowik of Shapeways introducing us to her favorite 3D Scanning projects and tools. Along with its fellow tech advances of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and the like, 3D Scanning is poised to become a tool that is immediately available to consumers. As in, look no further than your smartphone for access to 3D scanning that can aid in everything from sending your measurements to a tailor on Savile Row to crowd-sourcing customers sizing for buyers and designers.

Slowik, who considers herself a “Design Evangelist” (we agree) spent the evening with us last night to talk about currently accessible tools, techniques and trends to look out for that are applying the capabilities of 3D scanning into all aspects of apparel and accessory design.

Couldn’t make it last night? Here are some of her favorite projects you can do your own research on!

Project Tango
The iPhone 7

Fashion Metric
Kinematics Cloth
123D Catch
Try Live Virtual Dressing Room

Acustom Apparel