Last Chance Gallery Harnesses Neon For Endangered Animals

Last Chance is a benefit show that harnesses the power of neon to illuminate the endangered animals projected to be extinct this year due to consumerism. This cause-awareness gallery event hopes to spark conversation and, more importantly, provide resources to inspire more thoughtful, sustainable purchasing habits.

Featured works by local neon artists include James Akers, Travis Emery Hackett, Kacie Lees, Stephanie Lifshutz, and Keenan MacWilliam.

We are so grateful for Last Chance giving the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator a portion of the proceeds.

We caught up with Rachel Newell, Creative Producer for Last Chance to learn more about the event.

Why did you create this show? 

In Last Chance, endangered animals are represented through the beacon of consumerism, neon. It is our hope that the visual stories conjured by these pieces will inspire conversation about the complicated relationship between consumerism and sustainability. A conversation that will use the alarming stories of these endangered species to explore if consumerism and sustainability can coexist.

How many animals have we lost to fashion and which are near extinct?

The phrase “lost to fashion” is almost comical, but there is a harsh reality that the desire for various animals furs, scales, and bones for consumer goods is a contributing factor to the extinction of many species, and within those species, thousands upon thousands of animals.

Last year in December, officials seized more than 3.4 tons of illegally trafficked Pangolin scales from a port in Shanghai. The report goes on to say that, “Approximately 5,000 to 7,500 Pangolins must have been killed to produce the more than 3 tons of pangolin scales.” That is just one account of one endangered species.

However, though Last Chance highlights these horrific events, it is the goal of the show to ignite personal conversations that explore the whole consumer and manufacturing cycle.

Are these the animals highlighted in Last Chance?

For Last Chance, we are featuring four endangered animals: The Sumatran Tiger, Black Rhino, Long-Tailed Pangolin, and Amur Leopard.

What are the other artists backgrounds in sustainability?

All of the artists come from different backgrounds and professions. We are united in our interest to discover and learn what actions need to be done to create a balanced relationship between consumerism and sustainability.

Check out the website for more details about the animals, artists and get a preview of the items for sale.


Glasshouse Project, 246 Union Ave, Brooklyn (Between Scholes St. & Meserole St.)
Walking distance from L Metropolitan, G Broadway, M/J Hewes Street

May 19 & 20, 2017, 6pm – 10pm

Event price:


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