Kelly Holmes, Founder of Native Max Magazine Dispels Myth of Native Americans Not Existing

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BuzzFeed writes: “When Kelly Holmes, founder of Native Max magazine, moved from the Cheyenne River Reservation to Denver as a teenager, she found that many of her peers ‘didn’t know Native Americans still existed,’ she told BuzzFeed News.

“People looked at me like a zoo animal,” Holmes, now 24, said about her teenage years.

She started to channel her frustration into creative outlets like fashion design, jewelry making, and web design, she said.


She began to save up all her plans for her future magazine in notebooks. Instead of going to college, she shadowed magazine publishers and photographers, took seminars on business and journalism, and taught herself the skills needed to run a magazine through videos and books.

It wasn’t easy to accomplish, Holmes said. “When I tried getting into fashion in Denver, people would often say things like, ‘What do Native Americans know about fashion, or even the world?’”

Many of the people she proposed her idea to, Native and non–Native American alike, laughed at her and told her Native Americans were too “closed-minded for fashion because of the reservations,” she said.
Holmes decided to take matters into her own hands and, along with a small staff, designed, wrote, and published Native Max’s first issue in 2012 when she was 20 years old.”

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Images: Native Max, NatashaG